New Donors

Easily supplement your wealth screening with predictive modeling to create order and unlock new donors in your data 

The Power of Community

Imagine the power of reaching more of your community to drive affinity with your efforts and additional support for your cause!

Brightway Data empowers non-profit organizations with intelligent predictive philanthropy screening that identifies overlooked populations of philanthropic donors that have a high propensity to donate based on behavioral indicators.

Intelligent + Predictive Screening

Predictive Research + Outcomes

Connection between Foundation, Health System + Community

Some of our clients

“By partnering with Brightway Data, we have reached a new level in enhancing our annual fund initiatives through intelligent screening of our patient census. We peer reviewed the Brightway Giving Score with our parent company and were impressed by the similar scoring that allows our gift officers to improve donor acquisition through thoughtful engagement. This scoring goes beyond wealth screening and informs our staff on who best to engage with based on propensity to give.” 

– Executive Director of Development Operations, Allegheny Health Network

The Power of Community

Ready to increase donor opportunities?

Imagine the power of involving members of your community that are often overlooked!