Origins of Brightway Data

Brightway Data was formed from the innovative analytic work of PARO Decision Support. PARO is the leading provider of charity care predictive models and revenue cycle solutions for healthcare, serving over 1,200 hospitals and systems nationwide.

About Us

Eliminating healthcare barriers

In 2006, PARO was formed to address a need in the healthcare community to help eliminate barriers that impoverished people faced when completing complex charity care applications for free healthcare. By not utilizing credit-based data, PARO’s predictive model has revolutionized the way the industry has approached charity care. By using public record alternative data, PARO was able to create an evaluation process by which consumers living in the financial shadows could be assessed the same as average consumers utilizing traditional credit.

This approach to providing “presumptive charity” care to patients has:


  • Increased hospital’s community benefit footprints
  • Helped maintain complex tax statuses for non-profit hospitals
  • Improved patient satisfaction by reducing the number of accounts assigned to bad debt collections by health systems.
Many industry leaders call presumptive charity the “PARO process.” PARO has helped health systems identify more than 5 million patients eligible to receive free or discounted care.

Additionally, PARO provides other healthcare revenue cycle segmentation tools including Medicaid eligibility indicators and customer service follow-up flags. PARO services over 1,200 hospitals and health systems across the country. PARO was sold to Waystar in 2019.

Eligible Patients

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