Data Hygiene + Append

Using a clean + current database for optimal outreach efforts


Data Hygiene + Append

With over 20 years of experience with data hygiene and management, we can help you optimize your data. Brightway Data’s secure data platform quickly and efficiently processes your batch file using SFTP security protocols.

Deceased Screening
Our scoring solutions include screening for deceased consumers. For a stand-alone screening for deceased consumers, we provide:

  • One-time batch process of deceased screening: Available on-demand with same-day process and data return.
  • Dynamic deceased monitoring: Ability to load donors into our database for screening every time the consumer deceased data is updated nationally. We will notify you of any matches from your data.

Email Append
Oftentimes, your prospects and donors have missing or incorrect email addresses. Our two services include:

  • Full email append: Ability to match your prospect and donor data to the national database of confirmed emails. Only matches that provide consumer permission are returned to you. Please note that is tool requires licensing and is not available for patient prospect screening for healthcare.
  • Email screening: Based on the screen of your existing data with email addresses, this solution will notify you when the email address is a typographical error.

The Power of Affinity

Ready to increase donor opportunities?

Imagine the power of being able to act quickly and efficiently on your prospect data by augmenting your wealth screening tools.