Donor Management

Optimize the performance of your prospect data


The Brightway Giving Score for Donor Management

Even though we got our start in healthcare non-profits, our predictive model is applicable to non-profits in other industries. Optimizing donor data for management and outreach is an ongoing challenge. The Brightway Giving Score was built to eliminate the burdensome, manual work of keeping data clean. Our solution allows for the:

  • Opportunity to identify those donors that are likely to re-engage with your organization.
  • Ability to create outreach based on inclination and capacity to give.
  • Reduction of mailing and other outreach costs by showing prospects with a continued interest in your cause.
  • Advantage of screening donor lists for deceased consumers.
  • Refreshed financial estimates such as wealth, income and liquidity.
  • Embedded deceased screening matches your donor to national deceased data
  • Utilization of a state-of-the-art, predictive model at a fraction of the cost of traditional wealth screening and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.
  • Identification of “do not solicit” and other exclusions from your list processing.
  • Encryption and transmission of data in a secure environment.

The Power of Affinity

Ready to increase donor opportunities?

Imagine the power of being able to act quickly and efficiently on your prospect data by augmenting your wealth screening tools.