Grateful Patient Scoring

Enhancing and improving Grateful Patient programs’ success


The Brightway Giving Score

What does the data tell us?

In a recent consumer survey, we found patients want to donate in lesser amounts more frequently:

  • 90% of respondents felt that they would consider a gift of $500 or less to a hospital foundation
  • 63% felt that they would be open to donating more than once a year
  • Only 18% felt comfortable talking about the foundation with their doctor or nurse

The Brightway Giving Score

Grateful Patient programs are the norm in healthcare philanthropy. A common assumption of Grateful Patient programs is that patients will donate money as a gesture for a positive outcome from a recent healthcare experience. When finding target patients for this program, screening can take many forms. The most common method is to screen patient data for wealth indicators and then attempt to connect with that patient. However, the Brightway Giving Score screens for wealth and other factors that are not picked up by typical wealth screening technology. 


How does it work?

Using your patient census, we run it through our predictive model and identify overlooked donors that typically are not captured with wealth screening alone. These are patients that will hold an affinity for your cause and are engaged in the community. Many will not appear with high wealth indicators but are great prospects to include in your outreach.

Our clients have identified as much as 25% more prospective donors who have a high likelihood to give and are not picked up by wealth screening alone.

The Brightway Giving Score supplements traditional wealth screening by identifying more prospective donors that are overlooked. These donors may contribute in lower amounts but donate more frequently throughout the year.

Instead of hunting for wealth, advance your Grateful Patient screening to help educate your community and involve more people in your mission.

The Power of Community

Ready to increase donor opportunities?

Imagine the power of involving members of your community that are often overlooked!