Grateful Patient Screening

Optimizing Grateful Patient Programs’ success


Grateful Patient Identification

As healthcare foundations look for ways to reduce expenses and improve performance, we are looking to disrupt the market with a powerful scoring model that identifies prospects that will likely give from your patient census data. Our affinity-based predictive model tells you the willingness and fitness of your patient prospects. Our solution creates efficiencies by pre-screening your patient census and prospect lists prior to loading into your CRM, identifying only those prospects that will likely donate.

The Brightway Giving Score is built to quickly identify those prospects with the inclination and the aptitude to give. Our solution:

  • Provides the opportunity to pre-screen your prospects prior to loading into your CRM so that you are only acting on those likely to be responsive.
  • Expands your Grateful Patient programs and outreach by adding prospective donors that would not typically fall into major gift cultivation.
  • Reduces mailing and other outreach costs by showing prospects with interest and aptitude to donate.
  • Provides the utilization of a state-of-the-art, predictive model at a fraction of the cost of traditional wealth screening and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools
  • Identifies “do not solicit” and other exclusions from your list processing.

With decades of experience handling PHI, we are experts in the security and transmission of your sensitive data.

Last year, we conducted a survey of discharged patients and found that may were unaware of their local hospital foundations. Additionally, many of those patients indicated that they would donate if they were aware of the foundation’s purpose. We can show you how to leverage your patient census to get more donations at a lower cost. One of our clients experienced a doubling of their average donation while reducing their costs by 2/3 using our Brightway Giving Score.



 The data from our survey shows that consumers would rather donate in smaller amounts more frequently versus contributing a large financial donation at the end of the year. Having more frequent donors further proves affinity to the organization and provides the benefit of a long term, ongoing donation relationship. Based on the data from this survey, the sweet spot appears to be for donations between $100 and $500.

The Power of Affinity

Ready to increase donor opportunities?

Imagine the power of being able to act quickly and efficiently on your prospect data by augmenting your wealth screening tools.