Expand your fundraising approach to leverage a one-to-many relationship development

Rank and Score Potential Donors from Your Patient Census 

Indicators for projected gift path, social media prediction, community + children’s cause support to strengthen your outreach 

Many hospitals look at the volume of records in their patient census and struggle with the financial decision to conduct outreach beyond those patients identified as wealthy through traditional screening tools. By using this approach, you are likely missing an important group of prospects with the inclination to give and with an affinity for your cause. These mid-level donors can become an important source of new revenue independent of major gift cultivation.


The One-to-Many Paradigm Shift in Grateful Patient Fundraising

Our predictive model was built on healthcare giving enabling us to identify more
prospects based on the inclination to give and affinity for your cause. Our process allows you to unlock the unknown 20% of your patient census volume for outreach. One of our clients experienced a doubling of their average donation while reducing their costs by 2/3 using our Brightway Giving Score.

The Brightway Giving Score ranking system helps you define the most appropriate message and outreach channel for your prospects.

  • Provides the opportunity to pre-screen your prospects prior to constituent promotion within your CRM so that you are only acting on those likely to be responsive.
  • Expands your donor pool to include more prospects that would not typically fall into major gift cultivation for mid-level giving.
  • Reduces mailing and other outreach costs by showing prospects with interest and aptitude to donate.
  • Provides the utilization of a state-of-the-art, predictive model at a fraction of the cost of traditional wealth screening and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools
  • Identifies “do not solicit” and your other exclusions from your list processing.
  • Easily implements with no software to install or learn.

Our predictive model will reduce the volume of your patient census to only that 20% that will likely donate. By using our pre-screening tool, you can engage those mid- level donors prior to promoting them as a constituent in your software application.

Projected Gift Path Indicator

Identifies targets to segment against your grateful patient, mid-level, annual, major and planned giving efforts

Social Media Prediction Indicator

Flags constituents that are active on social media

Affinity + Inclination Indicator

Flags donors that support your cause

Specialty Cause Indicator

Flags donors that support causes such as children’s and cancer support

Discretionary Spend

Identifies targets that have a discretionary spend of $85K+

The Power of Affinity

Ready to increase donor opportunities?