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The Brightway Giving Score

Most foundations use wealth as the key indicator with their outreach efforts, assuming that wealth is the main driver for philanthropic donations. Our data shows that nearly 30% of prospective donors are missed when only searching for wealth.

The Brightway Giving Score is unique because it supplements existing processes that can improve philanthropic donor conversion rates. Through the analysis of your historical gifting patterns and our proprietary model, the Brightway Giving Score will identify more prospective donors that are overlooked every day.

In a recent study of 45,000 patients, we found that 25% of patients with a propensity to donate were overlooked because their net worth was less than $1M. Another 7% had email addresses that could easily be enrolled into a quick, inexpensive email campaign.

The time to capture these overlooked donors is now!

    Data Records

    Records Screened

    Qualified Donors


    Intelligent + Predictive Screening

    • Improve philanthropic donation results and right-party contacts when searching your patient census for donors with a likelihood to donate.
    • Work with HIPAA experts in managing and returning data from patient records in a useable format that can augment existing wealth screening technology.


    Predictive Research + Outcomes

    • Utilize a model that fits your historical donor experience and shows where you should be investing and focusing your staff and resources.
    • Improve efficiency of outreach and number of positive responses to campaign efforts through prioritized ranking of prospective donors with a likelihood to donate.


    Connection between foundation, health system + community

    • Enable more opportunities to raise funds for needs identified in your Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to show tangible improvement within the community.
    • Tie philanthropic donations back to the health system’s Community Benefit efforts and overall mission to specific causes that resonate with community stakeholders.

    Brightway doesn’t just sell you technology – we provide next-level support to make sure every step of the process is seamless and successful towards your goals. We are experts in predictive modeling that have helped over 1,200 health systems achieve success.

    The Power of Community

    Ready to increase donor opportunities?

    Imagine the power of involving members of your community that are often overlooked!