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The Brightway Giving Score

Predictive models are built from historical data. The Brightway Giving Score analyzes consumers that have given and have not given to find indicators of a giving behavior. Our model is based on public record data and utilizes a wide range of identity and consumer data to define characteristics of prospects that will likely act. This goes beyond traditional wealth data to uncover prospects that show a behavior of giving. In today’s every changing data world, you can harness the power of dynamic data to your benefit to increase your donor pool.

The Brightway Giving Score:

  • Condenses a list in rank order to a rank which defines your best prospects.
  • Provides financial estimates of the prospect’s income, wealth, net worth, investments and liquidity.
  • Screens for deceased prospects.

This is all accomplished in a secure, automated batch environment. Scoring results are delivered within a few hours of file submission.

What you can expect as a client

Our clients see immediate results with our intelligent workflow. One healthcare foundation client doubled their average donation while reducing acquisition costs by two-thirds. By using the Brightway Giving Score’s intelligent ranking, this foundation was able to reach out to interested donors who wanted to contribute to their cause. 

Affordable solution:

  • No software implementation: easily supplements any donor management system
  • No long-term subscriptions: can be turned off or on at any time

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