Specific Cause Screening

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The Brightway Giving Score

At our core, we want to help health systems support their missions. This means connecting the health needs of the community with your fundraising efforts. Most health systems are challenged with helping their patients understand the amount of benefit that health systems and their foundations provide to local communities. Every community is unique with different needs and we want to bridge that gap between your foundation and the needs of the community.

Every three years, non-profit health systems are required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) as part of its tax reporting package. The CHNA identifies health needs for the market that the health systems service and health systems must show an improvement in health outcomes as identified in their CHNA.

By only focusing on wealth, health system foundations are missing opportunities to highlight and share health outcome objectives with interested patients. The Brightway Giving Score helps identify those patients that will have an interest in and likelihood to donate money for the health objectives. This enables you to involve more patients in the mission and allows everybody to feel part of the community efforts. Every little bit helps!

The Power of Community

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